Live Learning Online Vs Prerecorded Online Courses

Education has seen a significant change since the introduction of technology. Learning and development (L&D) includes classes in the form of a classroom, and self-paced online learning methods, has been adapted to accommodate various types of learning and styles. One such method is live online learning which offers learners with a more interactive and collaborative experience for learners. Before deciding on the best method for your business, it is important to know how this method differs from the more traditional way of recording courses.

What is live learning?

Live learning online as the name implies is a virtual educational experience that lets students interact in real time with their instructors and classmates using a videoconferencing tool such as Zoom. Live classes differ from other online learning processes because they focus on real-time communication with instructors and you can try this out students. This allows learners to solve any questions and encourages an understanding of contents.

To maximize the effectiveness of live classes, instructors should plan their classes according to the goals and objectives laid in their overall course structure. Instructors must, for instance ensure that each Live Session adds value to the readings assigned or recorded videos by elaborating and clarifying them, applying them in practice, discussing, and studying.

Students in a live classroom can also form stronger bonds with their classmates and instructors through discussions and collaborations in groups. This allows them to stay motivated throughout the entire course. This is especially crucial for subjects that require a lot of interaction and understanding, like math, chemistry or Arabic or Russian.